Baseball Season and the Family Farm

photo(11)Baseball always comes at a hard time on the farm, just as we are starting to plant, but we really enjoy watching Eli play.

This year baseball changed in Rochester from Rochester Youth Baseball to the tri-town Old Rochester Little League.  We were a little apprehensive with a new league and Eli was unsure of playing with kids from Marion and Mattapoisett that he didn’t know.  When we first learned he was on the White Sox, we looked at the roster and he was a little sad that he only knew two kids on the team and one was a lot older.  He was one of the younger kids on the team.

The game schedule did work out pretty well with my work schedule, so that was a plus.  Once Eli started practicing, he really enjoyed this year and we met a great group of parents and kids who were very positive and caring.  The coaches were great, encouraging a team effort and the kids really pulled together helping each other and having a great time. It was a great group of kids and we met some really nice people. I must say it was a nice, fun year and I am glad Eli met some great kids he will be in school with in junior high.  All the parents were positive and fun and I’m glad we decided to try out the tri-town league.  The kids did an awesome job and had a great record.  They were even undefeated for the first six games. One of Eli’s favorite chores was always dragging the fields after games and practice.  I guess it’s the farmer in him. We look forward to next year.

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