Family Farm is in full Summer Swing

Carolyn MacGregor, Realtor at Bold Moves Real EstateThe family farm is in full summer swing at this time of year.  We have already started cutting hay with this batch of dry weather and are waiting for a break in the  showers to continue.  It’s always a hot, dry day that works best for doing hay but that is precisely the type of day that you’d rather be in AC than on a hot, dusty field. We are lucky that the whole family helps.  Teamwork is always needed to get the hay cut, teddered, raked, baled and loaded into the barn. We’ve had some luck with customers who pick the hay right up off the field at a lower price and we are always looking for new customers to do that. It makes our job a little easier and saves them money.

My daughter, Meg, has also been picking strawberries and making jam.  There is nothing as sweet as the taste of a fresh strawberry right off the vine. I can just sit in the strawberry patch and eat strawberries all day.

Everything is planted and coming up pretty well.  Our potatoes look good and we are always checking them for Colorado potato beetles.  We find that picking them off by hand works better than spraying and is healthier for everyone.  Striped cucumber beetles are also a bug we have to look out for.  They will eat the whole plant down to the root.   We are in the process of using mulch hay around the potato plants and all the hills in the garden to keep the weeds down. It’s always a battle against the weeds.

We have already been eating the lettuce and greens in our garden and I can’t wait for the cucumbers, my personal favorite. It will be another couple of weeks for that. We also love summer squash and have found some great new recipes for that.  We’re hoping to have a good watermelon crop.  We love them but they are very hard to grow.  We usually have only a few that grow large enough to eat. Hopefully that will change this year.

It is a lot of work, but there is nothing like having a meal made with ingredients that came fresh out of the garden.  I put a lot of effort into making my garden flourish and I will give you the same hard work and energy in helping you meet your real estate needs.


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