Making Maple Syrup in Rochester, MA

photo 1 photo 2Rochester Webelos Cub Scouts were lucky to be able to participate in maple syrup making in Rochester, MA last month.  Our neighbor, Wendy Keeler invited us over to watch the process.  She taps red maples rather than sugar maples since that is what is available in our area.  The maple syrup has a great taste, a little more vanilla flavor, than traditional syrup from sugar maples.  She had 11 tapped trees on her property and the cold nights and relatively warm days provided overflowing jugs of sap.  The boys watched as she boiled the sap from the trees outside over a arch system fire.  The boiling releases a lot of steam so boiling outside is preferable.  The boys were surprised to learn that it takes 40 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of syrup.   It also takes 24 hours to boil the thin sap into a thick syrup.  We got a taste of the finished product and it was delicious.

We also brought a 5 gallon bucket of sap home, thanks to Wendy, and boiled it down to one mason jar worth of syrup.  It took 24 hours but it was worth every minute.  The syrup was delicious.  We are definitely rationing it to make it last as long as possible. It’s a lot of work but the finished product is so sweet.

I really enjoy working with the Cub Scouts to learn new experiences.  I also enjoy working with my clients in real estate to help them buy or sell their property.  Please call me with your real estate needs.  I would be glad to help!


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