Baseball Season is Here! Rochester, MA

Carolyn MacGregorBaseball season is here again!  Once again my son, Eli, is playing Minor League Baseball with the Old Rochester Little League.  This is the second year that Rochester has joined in the tri-town league.  Last year, Eli had a great season with some great coaches.  Games have already started and the Little League  Opening Day Parade was held last Saturday in Marion.  Eli has already learned a great deal already and will hopefully have another great season.

It’s also that time on the family farm to start our planting and hay season.  It’s always with a little trepidation, we start the season.  I love the spring and the summer season and we always have a lot of fun while we work, but it is also the start of all the planting and preparation for the year.  Once we get going,  all is well.  We have already started cutting potatoes to plant. This year we are rolling them in sulfur to see if it cuts down on scabbing of the potatoes.  We have heard good things with this and thought we would try it this year.  My daughter’s strawberries are starting to grow and the first strawberry of the season is soon to come.  The fields are growing with cutting not too far in the future.  It’s a great time to see everything come to life on the family farm with promises of things to come.

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