Snow Day!

Snow Day! Just those words bring back wonderful memories of glorious days off from school filled with sledding, playing in the snow, making snowmen and then heading into the house for a cup of cocoa.

New England was granted a snow day today and tomorrow thanks to the Blizzard of 2015.  As an adult snow days mean kids home, lots of shoveling, as well as wet snowpants, scarfs and  mittens strewn all over the house.  It can also mean time well spent making snow angels, playing boardgames,  and watching Disney movies.  All too often, we don’t get many of these days to spend time with our children.  The governor of Massachusetts issued a driving ban for Massachusetts.  This was a good excuse to stay home and simply enjoy the day.

This could also mean reading a good book or catching up on chores such as laundry or maybe writing gratitude cards for the BOLD Day Challenge.

No matter how you spent your day, a snow day is always a special gift of time to be carefully unwrapped and savored.  They don’t happen often enough.  When I was a kid, it was listening to AM radio waiting and hoping that your school was on the list and the great feeling when you heard it announced.  Now it’s the early morning phone call and the wonderful feeling when you tell your child,” No School Today!”

It’s a time to hunker in and simply enjoy the day.

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This blog was originally published on on January 27,2015

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