Boy Scout Klondike Derby!

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The Boy Scout 35th Annual Klondike Derby was held on Saturday, January 31, 2015 at Camp Cachalot.  Despite the frigid temperatures, there was a great turnout of boys from the local Troops in the area.

What exactly is a Klondike Derby?  Well, it is a one-day competitive event which uses Sledges and Klondike Gold Rush themes to complete a multiple “Town” course and sledge race, pitting each team’s skills and team work against the clock.  The purposes of the derby are: First, a grand outdoor winter adventure full of fun and surprises, and second,  a way for scout’s to test their basic camping and survival skills.  Teams can consist of 4 to 8 Scouts.  Sledges are homemade and must weigh a minimum of 50 pounds.  The Team pushes their Sledge to each “Town” to complete an activity.  They are judged on time and how well they accomplish the task.

We attended the Derby as observers this year.  My Webelos 2 are crossing over into Boy Scouts on February,27th and were getting a feel for the event which they will participate in next year.  The day was extremely cold and windy, but that didn’t seem to affect the enthusiasm of the Scouts as they traveled from Town to Town.

Some of the Town activities included:  Chasm crossing, where the Scouts had to Push their Sledge over a Chasm(wooden bridge) using pieces of wood to get the Sledge across.  If they dropped one, it was gone and they had to continue without it

First Aid, where they had to show their First Aid Skills.

Markmanship at the Shooting Range.

Teamwork:  Where they had to walk on pieces of wood strapped to their feet as a Team.

Of Course, Fire Building:  One Town involved cutting the wood to make your fire and the next Town involved building your fire without matches and burning a string which in turns releases a bag of water to douse the fire. Some teams were successful but other teams did not build the fire large enough to burn the string.

Shelter Building was also tested.

The Scouts also had to cook their own lunch.  The Grubmaster is the Scout in charge of organizing and cooking the food.

The Day ends aroung 4:00 PM with a race across the field by two members of the Team pushing and pulling the Sledge.

It was a Great Day Watching The Scouts go through their paces and cheering our own Rochester, MA  Troop 31 on.

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