Plimoth Plantation and Family Farms

Plimoth Plantation 1photo(10)Our Family Farm is in full swing with hay production and a healthy garden and the end of school.  I took time off from the farm to accompany the 3rd graders from the Rochester Memorial School to Plimoth Plantation.

We had a great day, a little hot, but I had a great group of students from Mrs. Mathieu’s class, including my son, Eli. The kids had learned a lot at school about the colonists and the Wampanoags and were able to see history come to life in the two villages at the plantation. The colonists as well as the Wampanoags were very true to life and helped the kids understand what life was like back then.

Eli has had a really great year in third grade and I am a little sad to see it end.  He has had a great class with Mrs. Mathieu although I’m sure he will have a great fourth grade year too. Eli is very happy to be home for the summer and I have to admit I really enjoy having him home and the break from the schedule of school, although there is always plenty of chores to keep us busy on the farm as well as my real estate career.

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